Thursday, March 29, 2012

Komen from mentor for 2nd observation

Setelah  2 minggu lebih berlalu observation drpd HOD(mentor) & sorang lagi mantee under kak fizah (Kak Linda) for BTMC, barulah aku mendengar feedback/comments daripada my mentor......disebabkan my mentor
tu juga adalah HOD,so agak lambatlah utk menunggu komen dari beliau since beliau banyak komitmen lain.

Selepas mendengar komen dari beliau,aku tersenyum lebar......
Kt bawah ni adalah antara komen2 kak fizah selaku mentor:
  1. You have improve a lot compared to 1st observation (masa kene observe tajuk trigo equation)
  2. You have engagement/connection with all the students in the class
  3. You have a good control of the classroom.
  4. Your introduction was so clear & good (cause you start the class by reviewing the previous lesson)
  5. You have improvement in questioning techniques.
  6. You make the students' thinking at a 1 higher level when you are discussing something and at the same time asking them something that you are not planned to ask.And they are able to answer it correctly using their critical thinking.
  7. Since you are new (one year in cfs),but you are able to perform like the 2nd observation,it can be considered as so good.
Basically meeting aku dengan mentor utk 2nd observation ni tersangatlah sekejap compared dengan 1st observation dulu......act kak fizah pun xtau nk komen ape sebab dia kata sume good. Then die tanya komen aku plak, samada aku nk komen ape2 or nk tnya apa2......

Di sebabkan die kata sume good mestilah aku xde nk komen dah......hehe....cuma agak lari topik sikit dari BTMC....but still about teaching.....I ask her how to make student or at least to avoid them from afraid or dislike so much this topic (Counting Rules & Probability).....I ask her comments about that & try to get feedback what she actually do for her class (since she teach this subject as well this sem).

Then what she said was: she actually face the same problem too.....even though she teach MARA students,still there are students can't perform well in this fact for previous topic she can teach so fast & finish up earlier compared to other what we get from the discussion was; we need to review back the contents of the syllabus of this subject (SHF 1124) after so many years not review.And of course the arrangement of the number of exercise question in the hondout given to the students.

Dan yang pasti it takes time to do all those things even though it looks like "senang je,review jela,tukar jela mane yg patut,buang mana yang xpatut,masukkan apa yg patut" .......nk buat bende tu sume perlukan ketelitian.....but nothing are impossible in this world if we put full effort to do it,InsyaAllah Allah akan permudahkan segalanya.......

P/s: still terngiang2 komen kak fizah td......suka2....bole senyum sampai ke telinga & the most important thing is as a motivation for me utk terus mendidik anak bangsa tanpa mengenal erti jemu & to keep up the good work & improve mana2 part yg perlu.Mungkin pasni boleh bg tips pada junior2 staff yg bakal masuk.(cheeewahhhh....bajet dah senior la tu).Credit to kak bailah,kak laili,kak dayana,kak sal & kak juhai for all the tips & support.......=)

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